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Your Best Year

Do we not make the same or similar resolutions every new year? Personally, I always want to be healthier, manage my money more efficiently, and enjoy life a little more.  New Years resolutions feel a little tired and I’ve never found them to be that helpful. Instead, I’ve been making lists of long term and short term goals rather than resolutions.  Several times throughout the year I check in with my short term goals and adjust strategies accordingly to reach the long term ones.

A big part of my life has become social media. It’s often helpful to talk with friends and families about our struggles and goals, but many times all they can offer is their own experiences.  That is why the internet and social media are utilities that we need to take advantage of.  When I research anything from “financial advice for 20-somethings” or “better planner organization” there are literally hundreds of thousands (if not more) of articles, blogs, apps, and videos to be found.  Over the past few years I’ve scoured the web and finally feel like I’ve created my own personal support team.  Below I’ve listed some of my favorite bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and apps that I’ve found incredibly helpful.

Leave your favorite resources for inspiration and tackling goals in the comments!

Blogger’s note: I originally wrote this post on December 26th in preparation for the New Year,  planning to kick-ass on my blog in 2018. So of course multiple family members became sick and hospitalized and then I got the flu. Best laid plans, right? I wrote above that I don’t believe in resolutions, but this year it’s become clear I need to learn/have patience, with myself and with things I have no control over. I took the month to get healthy and enjoy what I love most, reading. The mental health break was amazing and now I’m here to tell you, I still plan on 2018 being my best year yet! 

Be Healthy!

Blog: Rachel Aust’s Eat Run Lift

Podcast: 20 Minute Fitness

Book: Women’s Health Magazine

YouTube: Pick Up Limes

App: LifeSum


Be Wealthy!

Blog: Making Sense of Cents

Podcast: Bad With Money

Book: Think and Grow Rich

YouTube: The Financial Diet

App: Mint


Be Happy!

Blog: Simply Tara Lynn

Podcast: Creative Pep Talk

Book: All books make you happy! Find you local indie book seller!

YouTube: PeruseProject & Read by Zoe

App: Headspace


Be Wise!


Blog: A Beautiful Mess

Podcast: Elise Gets Crafty

Book: Reaching Out

YouTube: Lavendaire

App: Skillshare

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