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Woodbury, CT 4.29.17

The worst thing that can happen at the beginning of your vacation is discovering a store like, Soulbury.  My family knows me well enough that when they learn about fun, new shops they need to tell me right away.  This was one I couldn’t bear to sit on too long once my aunt sent me their Facebook page, especially with gorgeous warm weather last week.  My loyal adventure buddy, Coors was ready at a moments notice and we were on our way to Woodbury, Connecticut.

Every time I am in Woodbury or hear it mentioned, I automatically hear Taylor Doosey’s (from Gilmore Girls) voice in my head saying, “Our neighbors, in Woodbury….” and laugh.  Woodbury is the quintessential New England town, filled with historic colonial homes and small shops with Revolutionary War monuments sprinkled throughout.  Main Street it one of its biggest attractions as it is lined with antique shops the moment you enter town.  Antiques can be found in barns on people’s properties, in traditional storefronts, and at the local flea market.  There is no shortage of places to shop for a piece of history.  Be prepared for sticker shock because these antique dealers are the real thing.  I’m talking about a $10,000 clock kind of sticker shock.

When your arrive at Soulbury, you quickly realize it is the complete opposite of what is going on around it.  Everything is bright and new and fresh.  The front is filled with old tables and cabinets covered in different types of succulents, herbs, and cacti and old vintage boxes and signs are re-purposed into planters and storage containers.  In the main room you’re greeted by a rainbow of colors all in the forms of local crafted goods the spread from wall to wall.  Coors and I spent our time meticulously combing over everything.  There was jewelry, candles, soaps, essential oils, fairy garden, and so so much more.  Knowing this was only the first day of vacation and that I had Salem the next day I had to restrain myself, but I know I’ll be back in the next week or two.

After our shopping we decided to drive until we found something to eat.  We didn’t have to travel long before we ended up at The Olive Tree.  On this gorgeous Saturday night we lucked out and had the patio all to ourselves for our early bird dinner.  They had a great selection of local beers and their fresh pita bread was incredible.  Enjoying a beer and scallops (my favorite!) outside with a cool breeze was the perfect ending to our trip and cemented my dream of one day owning a colonial in a town not unlike this one.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m going back soon!  When are you planning your visit?  What local shops do you love to frequent?

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