Weekly Motivation

Weekly Motivation

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One Coffee.

I just can’t quit you (coffee).  Now a coffee detox is definitely off the table because Rebel Dog Coffee Co. is opening soon in Plainville!

Two. Happy Hour

Cinder and Salt are hosting a Store Re-Design and End of Season sale Happy Hour on the 20th at their Middletown location.  I’m so excited to finally visit this store!  Cinder and Salt are also hosting a a Grand Reopening of their pop-up shop in Canton on February 1st.  I might just have to attend this event too.

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Three. Hall of Magic

If you don’t follow my Instagram stories, which you should be, I’m currently reading the book The Magicians.  Season One popped up on Netflix and I binged it in two days.  I like it so much that I ran out and bought the first book in the trilogy.  In anticipation for season two, which premiers on January 25th, they opened The Hall of Magic in NYC.  Oh, and best part?  It’s free!

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Four.  A Wrinkle in Time

Everything about this.  Ava Duvernay directing.  No other words necessary.

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Five. The Chocolate Expo at Maritime Aquarium

What’s better than visiting the aquarium?  A chocolate festival that takes place in the aquarium.


What’s motivating you this week?


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