Weekly Motivation

The first weekend of Spring has been a quiet one.  PK and I visited family and like always missed a turn or two, no GPS can accurately navigate New Jersey.  Two margaritas and a beer later, I’m still in bed.  Next weekend, however, that’s a different story.  There is so much going on that I actually don’t know where I’ll end up!

One. New Britain’s Museum After Dark

Music, beer, and art?  I’ve missed so many previous Museum After Dark events that I don’t want to pass up another opportunity!  Neither should you!

Two. Hill-Stead Museum’s Rooms in Bloom

This event was included in my Spring Bucket List because after this long winter I’m ready for color and warmth.  I think attending this event is a definite.

Three. Two Road’s Alpha Female IPA

Not an actual event, but still super cool.  Two Roads had their female employees create their own IPA for the tasting room.  Hoping there will be some still left next weekend!  Proceeds benefit the Pink Boots Society.

Four. Kent Falls Reopens

Keeping with the beer theme, Kent Falls will be reopening the farm to the public in two weekends from now.  I’m just posting about it now because I’m that excited.  PK and I are planning on spending the day in beautiful Kent, Connecticut hopefully sans snow like my last trip here.

Five. The Collinsville Film Festival

My love of Collinsville is no secret.  If I even win the lottery I will buy a house here in the downtown, historic section.  Unfortunately the one event I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to is their annual film festival.  Where is Hermione’s time turner when you need it?

What are you looking forward to this week?

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