Weekly Motivation

Weekly Motivation

I guess this is more midweek motivation at this point, but I’m going to need it.  As usual, I’m in full hibernation mode for this time of year.  My daily uniform is flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks while wrapped in a blanket with a space heater pointed directly at me.  I’m so thankful I now work from home and don’t have to face the cold.  That being said I do eventually have to be in office and tomorrow is one of those days.  I am literally heartbroken at the idea of getting up early to shower and put on makeup.

To make it through the day, and the rest of the week, here are some things that will be motivating me…

One.  Two Roads Winter Classic

Coming up this Saturday is the 2nd annual Two Roads Winter Classic.  This picture is from when we attended last year for the first Winter Classic and the release of their Esspressway Stout.  PK and I are doing a mini vacation this weekend and Two Roads may or may not make an appearance in our schedule.

Two. Game of Throne Live Concert Experience

The seventh season is months away and the sixth book is a myth, but the concert is coming.  For Christmas PK got us tickets for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience at Mohegan Sun.  The tax gods also smiled down on us this year and we even sprang for a hotel room at the casino!

Three.  Go, Cubs, go!

This week PK and I will begin finalizing our Chicago trip.  Being a New Yorker, PK said he just wants to go to a Yankees game for his 30th birthday.  Well, they just so happen to be playing the World Series Champs on his birthday, and I just so happen to have family in Chicago.  Chicago won’t be the only Midwest city on my itinerary for that vacation, stay tuned!

Four.  Daily Harvest

Working from home is good and bad.  Good because I get to stay inside and not deal with people.  Bad because I get to stay inside and not deal with people.  When I am faced with going outside or talking with a fellow human being it’s just awful.  The worst place of all is grocery stores.  Even when I have a list, the moment I get inside the doors of Whole Foods all bests are off the table.  I immediately become disoriented in a sea of people a foot taller than me, pushing me about.  I usually leave with two bags of ingredients that don’t make a cohesive meal of any form and spend my entire paycheck.

This year I’m embracing new ideas and I love monthly subscriptions so I’m giving Daily Harvest a shot.  I really have been trying to eat healthier and plan my meals but I’m always busy and my produce spoils so fast.  I’m hoping that the preportioned cups will make my daily schedule a little easier.  I’ll review once I give it a shot.

Five. Silicon Valley Returns

I’m not sure why more people don’t watch and talk about this show.  I haven’t laughed out loud by myself at a show since 30 Rock was on air.  I binged through the first three seasons twice before I made PK watch with me.  Now both of us are impatiently waiting for season 4’s premier.  The teaser just came out this weekend and I cannot wait to have Other Jared back in my life.  Watch the show to get how funny the previous sentence was.

What motivating you this week?

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