Weekly Motivation

Weekly Motivation 06.18.2017

One. A Rosie Outlook

One of my favorite UK bloggers, Rosie, writes about mindful walking.


Two. The Merchant Salem

I’m currently planning a trip with a dear friend and it’s a perfect opportunity to stay at the newly renovated The Merchant Salem!  It’s conveniently located in downtown and was previously a home, a tavern, an office building, and then a rare bookseller.  I love old buildings filled with history and cannot wait to stay here!

Three.  Melodrama

I’m not a big fan of the Pop genre, but this album is amazing,  I have listened to it about ten times.

Four.  The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani is one of my favorite comedians and I adore his wife, Emily V. Gordon.  This movie is loosely based on how they met and fell in love…and into a coma?  Five.  Owl Box

This is the only monthly subscription box I get.  It’s the only one I need (I keep telling myself.)  It’s here and I’m excited.  This month’s theme is Get out Alive and next month’s theme will be Wanderlust!

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