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The CT Robin Hood Festival

Game of Thrones officially ruined me Sunday, so enjoy this midweek Weekend Rewind.  I couldn’t bring myself to look at any of these pictures after that episode because they were too timely.  I had quite the medieval/renaissance weekend.

I’ve never taken part in LARPing (Live Action Role Play), but I’ve been obsessed with seeing it in person ever since I saw the movie Role Models.  After my visit this past weekend to the Connecticut Robin Hood Springtime Festival, I may need to cross that line.  The only people who had more fun than I did were those that dressed up.  So basically, everyone.  I want so badly to be on the inside next year.

Since it was a Robin Hood Festival I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would people dress like Robin Hood characters?  Would people go full Renaissance?  Well, from the moment we arrived, my friend Cory and I stuck out, we were some of the few people who had not dressed up.  We also had no idea how to talk to anyone.  There were several genres represented in the costume department, but they tended to all speak the same lingo.  I was dying to ask questions, and everyone was really friendly, but it’s like trying to talk to Disney Parks characters about their jobs while they’re working.  I mainly listened to people talk while I nodded my head and politely laughed.


What I really loved was all of the tents filled with crafts and hand made goods.  Cory has been to other Renaissance Fairs and apparently it’s usually the same vendors/crafters/artisans that travel from fair to fair.  Good to know since there were several clothing vendors with items I absolutely loved.  Since there were Game of Thrones characters wandering about (see photo below) I will be going as Khaleesi next year.

I swear by the old gods and the new, next year I will be the best dressed and will actually figure out how to talk to fellow fair goers.


It was hard to tell who had more fun here, the children or the adults.  Adults were dressed up and children got to ride donkeys.  There was a pet costume contest and bards who sang dirty songs.  Painting and beers.  Jousting and crafts.




Ye olde dire wolf #forshaggydog








Ye olde Peter Baelish





While we only expected to spend a few hours exploring we ended up spending the whole day.  It was that much fun.  Since we happened to be close, we ended up stopping at the Book Barn.  Ok, it was 45 minutes away, but it’s the Book Barn.




After a full day on Saturday I decided to sleep in on Sunday.  So of course I was up at 7 am.  I decided to hit a new trail, Steep Rocks Preserve in Washington Depot, CT.  While I love the Waze app I am convinced it is a) trying to get me killed and b) does not want me to enjoy beautiful weather.  This is a more rural area so it kept trying to take me down private and dirt roads.  It took me an extra half hour to find the entrance, so of course I had to pee by the time I got here and there were no bathrooms to be found.  I’ve run into this problem before and told myself I would become more adventurous and start bringing napkins, but as it was a beautiful day there was really no privacy.  My trip was cut short before I could even make it to the coolest part of the trail, wooden stairs down the side of a steep hill and a foot bridge across the river.  I guess PK will just have to bring me when he come up to visit this weekend.








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