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A Mystic-al Birthday

Spoiler alert: I got engaged!


Hard to believe, but it’s actually been four years since PK and I had an overnight in Mystic.  Being close enough to take a day trip whenever I want is convenient, but there is something magical about this not so little coastal town at night.

Since the spring PK had been talking about doing a weekend trip for my birthday.  As the weddings began to pile up for October I let him know I would be fine with a small, local birthday.  There are plenty of fairs in New England this time of year.  PK insisted we go to Mystic regardless.  I was starting to think he had something up his sleeve.



Funny enough, things began to fall into place.  I had worked for a doctor when I first came back to Connecticut.  One day, when I was wearing a Black Dog half zip, I walked into a room where the patient was also rocking Black Dog.  We got to talking and it turned out he had some connections to the Seaport.  Two days later, he returned to the office and handed over two tickets saying, “Enjoy, kids your age don’t appreciate history anymore.”

I’ve had the tickets in my glove box waiting for the right time.  There is so much to do in Mystic, but the Seaport is something that deserves a second trip.  Getting to do that for free is definitely a plus.


Saturday was my actual birthday and it also happened to be opening day for the Seaport’s new Thompson Exhibition building.  We hit a little traffic on the 95 that morning so we missed the official ceremony, but it was open to the public all day.

This building is incredibly gorgeous.  I had been seeing a lot of negative comments online prior to the opening.  Some people love to hate everything.  The building is definitely more modern than anything else there and that’s the point.













Four years ago we had gotten to walk through the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship as it was being restored in the shipyard on dry land.  Since that time it’s restoration was completed and it has gone out and sailed the world.  It was an amazing thing to think about as we walked through the ship again, this time sitting in the water.






The Figureheads Exhibit was one of our favorite buildings last time around.  Funny enough, the art in our hotel room was actually close ups of all these guys.  Yes, it is as creepy as you think.



We would love it here even if they didn’t have beer, but they do have beer…..


This would be my ideal future home.  I love wandering the buildings flown in from all over the country to make this tiny village.  When you see a flag by the door that means theres a volunteer inside doing various workshops.  You can see century old compasses or sit in an old 18th century church pew.


After the Seaport we parked at out hotel and took an Uber over to The Velvet Mill to visit Beer’d Brewing.  When all the ladies visited during Katie’s bachelorette weekend I think our boys received enough text messages to understand what a great time we had here.

One day, we’ll have to get here when they open.  The beer here is so good that a lot of their selection sells out quickly.  No matter what you get here it’s amazing, I just like to sample everything.  Ya know, for consistency and research.





I’m sure you can guess that once PK asked the “big question” things went crazy.  He knows me well and it was private.  Apparently all of our friends and most of the family knew so it was easy work filling in those who didn’t.  I grinned ear to ear during dinner and could hardly eat.  I’ve mentioned them before, but I’ll say it again: eat at The Captain Daniel Packer Inne.  The food is incredible and the servers go above and beyond.

We walked into downtown after dinner and got ice cream.  PK and I stood on the bridge watching huge fish swim below us and occasionally jump.  It was like they were putting on a show for us.  It was freezing on the water and we were eating ice cream, but I hardly noticed.  We were both so happy still that we even had to courage to ask someone to take our picture on the bridge.

Engaged to my best friend, on my birthday, in my favorite place in the world!!! One lucky lady


PK got us a room at the Mystic Hilton.  It’s right across the street from Mystic Village and the aquarium which is super convenient.  They also have a pretty cool patio/outdoor area in the middle of the hotel.  We sat by the fire drinking beers wrapped in blankets while listening to live music from the bar.

So our hotel was pretty cool





The next morning we got breakfast at one of my favorite coffee shops in the area, Vault, and walked through the village.  My mom asked if we wanted to grab a few beers at Firefly Hollow when we got back home, of course we agreed.  When I walked in I was greeted by aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins waiting to celebrate with us.  So much love and so much fun (and beer).

It’s safe to say I had a pretty amazing birthday weekend.

No, we haven’t set a date yet.


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  • Reply Jordan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! And congrats on your engagement!!! I’m so excited for you :))))))

    September 29, 2016 at 3:43 pm
    • Reply Kate Maccio

      THANK YOU!!!!! We need to catch up! I know I’ve been terrible with responding!!!!

      September 29, 2016 at 8:58 pm

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