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Weekend Wrap Up

Peaches, breweries, and engagement, oh my!


Most weekends consist of Netflix and ice cream in New York, so when PK comes to visit CT I try to show him how much more exciting it is here than NYC.  He just started a new semester in his grad program and he still works full time.  You could consider this the calm before the storm for him.

Last year I took PK to one of my favorite childhood activities, peach picking at Lyman Orchards.  We had so much fun that we came back again this weekend.  The only difference was the peaches were a tad teeny this time around.  However, after extensive taste testing we can confirm that they are just as delicious as ever.

Check back tomorrow for a longer post on the orchard.



After peach picking we headed to what is quickly becoming a CT staple, Bear’s Smokehouse.  Jamie “The Bear” McDonald won a Go Daddy competition and was chosen by Danica Patrick for his business idea.  Bless her.  Now with two locations, one in Windsor (this is the location we went to) and one in Hartford.

This was honestly the best BBQ I have ever had.  I realize that I don’t have much to compare it to being from the North East where pumpkin or pumpkin flavor is a staple of our diet, but even I know there is something incredible about this food.  Add a Lawson’s Super Session IPA and this is a meal dreams are made of.

I thought the Bear Attack sounded fantastic: cornbread, topped with mac’ and cheese, topped with pulled pork and then doused in sweet BBQ sauce.  What I didn’t realize was how big the helping was.  I was mildly embarrassed to be seen with the mountain of food on my tray until I realized everyone’s tray looked like this and no one else had an ounce of shame.  PK was “forced” to help me finish (i.e. he had to eat the other three-fourths I couldn’t).



After waking from our food comas we headed for a new local brewery.  Groupon is becoming quite the weekend planner for us.  We’re always checking to see what brewery tours are being offered.  For this weekend I grabbed a $10 Groupon for Powder Hollow brewery in Hazardville.  It included two flights, two souvenir pint glasses, and a tour.  We didn’t get a tour but for $10 you really can’t go wrong.

Check back Thursday 9/10 for an in-depth post on Powder Hollow.


Saturday night ended with a trip to Manfield Drive-In.  I didn’t take any pictures because: 1. we got there a little late and it was dark already, no one wants me taking pictures with my flash while they’re trying to watch a movie and 2. it’s really something that needs to be experienced.  You’re in the middle of no where with a sky filled with stars (I counted 4 shooting stars) and you feel like you’ve stepped right back into the 70’s with the “let’s all go to the lobby” song playing and people in their pick-ups with blankets, lawn chairs, and radios.

You get a double feature for $10 but we left after the first movie because we were a little tired.  Realizing half-way home that we were too young and childless to act this way, we went back and forth on whether we should turn in or go out for another drink for most of the ride before PK insisted we’re still young and could manage a single drink at 11:30 at night.

We went to a local craft beer bar and restaurant that we’ve had a good experience at previously for lunch which I won’t name and you’re about to read why.  It was slow and the bartender, manager, and manager’s friend were the only people inside, a few more people came in who were regulars  and also friends with the staff.  I asked for a double IPA because I love hops but was given a barrel aged (beer aged in a whiskey or rum barrel), and when PK was asked if he wanted a second beer and he nodded and said, “yes”, she handed him our tab.  We took it as a sign, paid, and left.

“This sounds like the beginning of a movie.  A couple who thinks they’re getting too old to stay out late and force themselves to a bar.  I hope nothing crazy happens,” PK had said before we got there.

I’ll stick to drinking at brunch and afternoon brewery tours.


Rounding out the weekend was the engagement party of two close friends.  So close they even have our names.  It’s alright though, they’re pretty cool so we don’t mind sharing.

It was quite the engagement party.  DJ, endless bottles of wine, and endless food.  Between the alcohol consumed and dancing I can’t even begin to fathom what an 8 hour wedding reception will look like.  I have a year so I’ll start preparing now.



Bottles of alcohol kept showing up.  No one knows why and no one complained.


We ended the night where it all began in a way.  PK and his friends have known each other forever.  One of their favorite bars was where PK and I shared our first kiss.  I don’t think we’ve been back here since or since many of use became of age because we now had options.  Nostalgia set in and somehow here we were.  We’ve reached a time in life where PK and his friends (now my friends) really only see each other at these kind of gatherings, so it was nice to see them all back together in a place where getting together to grab a beer and talk was the norm and not a special occasion.

This weekend was realizing we’re quickly entering adulthood and heading in different directions.  We talked about weddings, future children, and real estate.  Even talking about the future it seemed like the present slowed down, if only for a little bit, while we celebrated.  I was dreading this wedding season, but now I look forward to each event.

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