Wedding Season Continues…


We’ve had a busy wedding/engagement season that isn’t over with yet!   Actually we haven’t had the weddings yet… but PK and I have gone to bachelor/bachelorette parties, a bridal shower, and two engagement parties thus far with two wedding left to go.

Normally I like to make handmade cards but recently I’ve been suffering from a mysterious inflammatory disorder that’s makes making cards a little difficult.  Below you can oogle my past works…



For the right price I’ll start making cards again. Hint, hint.

I hate giving just a card with a check.  I’m sure most people don’t mind accepting the check (I know I wouldn’t) but to me presentation is important and taking the extra time shows how much you care.

Recently I’ve been a fan of care packages and have been going to the Old Wethersfield Country Store.  It has great local products like soaps, honey, and sweets that make cute display baskets.


Of course on Pinterest I’ve found some cute engagement gift ideas so I decided to finally make one.  I found a DIY countdown blocks tutorial by Something Turquoise.  I also went to Michael’s Crafts to pick up the necessary items and then spiraled out of control.  “I can’t just give countdown blocks and a card!  Ooo bird cage perfect.”





Now that I’ve posted how much work I put into this I’m sure other friends will expect nothing less.  So make sure to come back and see what else I go slightly over the top on.

Anyone else enjoying a busy wedding season?  Cute gift ideas?

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