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Upstate/Trout Town Weekend

Last weekend PK and I traveled to his mother’s house upstate.  The definition of upstate New York is any part of New York above Westchester.  Isn’t it cool learning new things?

PK’s mom lives just outside of the actual site of Woodstock: Bethel.  Last summer, which was my first time up there, we visited the tourist attractions and stuck close to home.  So this year, we decided to travel to a brewery we actually discovered earlier in the year at Citi Field’s Bacon and Beer Classic: Trout Town.

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Trout Town is located in Roscoe, New York and is known, obviously, for their fishing.

The brewery itself is modeled after a hunting lodge and is settled between mountains.  PK and I lucked out as that day they happened to have a small scale beer fest happening that day with a pig roast and some local vendor tents.




A lot of attention to detail went into this brewery.  You can tell that the owner’s care a lot about the town and the town reciprocates.  It took us a few minutes to locate the actual brewery because once we got off the exit “Proudly serving Trout Town” signs were everywhere.



A summer beer fest without pulled pork is a sham.



The brewery actually hatches trout and releases them into the local rivers once they reach 10 inches long.



After we finished up at the brewery we headed back towards downtown Roscoe about two minutes away.  We loved the old 1950’s styled storefronts and wandered a into a few shops.


Located in downtown Roscoe is a Trout Town outpost (evidence of why it took us awhile to find the actual brewery).



I’d definitely recommend this brewery if you’re ever up for a road trip or happen to be camping nearby, as many of the visitors we spoke with that day were.  Great beer, nice people, cute downtown area with good food, and all in a picturesque setting in the mountains of upstate New York.


Fun side story:

One of the reasons I love traveling to breweries is the people you meet.  The weekend before we traveled upstate PK and I visited my local brewery, Firefly Hollow.  As always it was a busy Saturday and we ended up talking to a few other patrons, one in particular who was accompanied by his beautiful rescue dog that liked to sit on her own bar stool and watch the action.  Apparently she likes to climbs on everything, as he showed us a picture of her on a tiny wooden plank that supported a fence.

When we were upstate and I was coming back from the bathroom PK was talking to an couple from Utica.  It turned out they spend their retirement traveling to breweries (we can’t wait to retire now) and have been to Firefly Hollow because the gentleman was from Connecticut originally.  He also mentioned that his brother still lives in Connecticut and has a dog that he brings with him to Firefly every week.

“Is your brother’s dog a big white rescue that likes to climb on things like fences?” I asked

“Yes how did you know?” He responded.

“Because we met your brother last weekend.”

Four hours away from home and we made a connection through a mutual love of beer.  Small world and I love it.


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