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Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It’s hard to believe it’s already over!  I came back today and noticed a lot of referred traffic from Reddit.  That’s absolutely terrifying.  I really hope you’re here for pictures of my cats.


This year PK’s family was invited up to spend Thanksgiving with my crazy clan.  We figured it was about time to show them what their son is marrying in to.  Maggie the dog runs the show and was very impatient for her honored guests to arrive.  She loves PK.

Honestly, we had a great time.  Everyone comes from a crazy family, and if you think yours isn’t, then you’re the crazy one.


Every year I make PK pose with me in front of my granny’s bog.  It’s very picturesque through most of the seasons.  I really enjoy it during the winter because you can look right across to Mount Southington in the distance.  At night you can see all the lights on the mountain and in ideal weather you can even enjoy the sounds of children tumbling down the bunny hill.  Magical.

I wish I could say that all day Friday was spent in bed enjoying the food coma, but leaf pickup was this week for the other side of my family.  The entire day, and most of the weekend, was spent cleaning up my grandparent’s gigantic yard.  If you are from Plantsville/Southington you definitely saw me struggling to dump out a huge tarp of leaves and know exactly which house my grandparents are.  I doubt if anyone can compete with them in the leaf pile department.

During our manual labor we kept running across little creatures.  My entire childhood was spent at the local parks hunting for salamanders.  It became my obsession to not hurt any of these little fellas and rounded out the day gingerly brushing leaves.  My brother’s really enjoyed my contribution to our efforts.

Saturday, PK and I headed to the shore to celebrate Small Business Saturday.  Obviously we drank a lot of beer because we care so much about supporting our local business owners.  We watched the Ohio State vs. Michigan game at Stony Creek Brewery.  PK was just about the only Ohio State fan there and like a true New Yorker he loved being the outsider.  When Ohio won in overtime I think he cheered louder on his own than the entire Michigan crowd.

At the end of the game we had to tear ourselves away from the table.  It’s so hard to leave Stony Creek.  The beer is delicious and the scenery is unbeatable.  They’ve actually made it onto the short list for our possible wedding venues.  It’s a very short list.  Again, if anyone wants to plan this thing for me, you are more than welcome to.

This is coming from someone who HATES pizza....this is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Pear, bacon, mozzarella, honey drizzle. Why does #FrankAndrewPizza not have an insta?? #MadeinCT #CTvisit #buylocal #CTLove

This is coming from someone who HATES pizza….this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Pear, bacon, mozzarella, honey drizzle. Why does #FrankAndrewPizza not have an insta?? #MadeinCT #CTvisit #buylocal #CTLove





From Branford we headed east to MYSTIC.  The obsession hasn’t let up.  We finally made our way to Salt Mystic.  The shop is filled with cute local crafts and good,  you need to follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of New England charm.

salt-mystic-pineapples salt-mystic-windows


This night also happened to be the Santa Boat Light Parade.  Locals deck their boats (and kayaks-I need to do this next year) out in lights and holiday decor.  They raise the Mystic Drawbridge and the boats sail back and forth.  The crowd even broke out in spontaneous holiday carols together. Side note: if there ever was an argument for children on leashes it was this night with kids hanging off the dock while moms downed nips.




To round out the night, because we hadn’t done enough already, we headed over to Mystic Village and watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them at the local Mystic Theater.  We like it.  Definitely interesting to be back in the Harry Potter universe with a twist.  It was packed with a lot of social commentary that I hope is not lost on viewers.  If I can’t be Martha Stewart than I want to be JK Rowling.

We won’t be slowing down anytime soon on our end over here, but we kinda like it that way.  We have our engagement photos coming up and I can’t wait to share them!  It’s honestly the only thing in terms of wedding planning I’ve been able to actually execute.

How were your holidays?  Where did you shop locally?

Mystic Village also, can't wait to have our pictures professionally taken in two weeks....

Mystic Village also, can’t wait to have our pictures professionally taken in two weeks….

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