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Surviving the Holidays

Yesterday I was in the shower and experienced a minor existential crisis.  I could not for the life of me remember if I was 26 or 27.  I can’t even tell you what got me started down this dark path of indecision, but when I got out I realted my dilemma to my mother.  She assured me I was 27, allowing me to move on with my night.  This moment, however, sums up my holidays perfectly.

Right before Christmas my granny was hospitalized, she’s all good now, but not getting to spend the day with her was an odd experience.  PK and I had a great holiday season overall, but something just felt off the whole time.  One of us was always sick and with the three day weekends and year coming to an end it was hard to focus and do more than what was expected.

Traditionally, instead of getting each other presents my brothers, PK and I go out of lunch after the holidays and relive the crazy family moments from the past week.  This year my cousin, Mads, and brother’s girlfriend tagged along.  We got to finally try Tavern 42 in Plantsville and it was better than we could have hoped for.  I’m glad another beer bar went up in this location, Southington/Plantsville’s restaurant row is shaping up to become a great bar hopping evening in the making.  This lunch was a great way to round out the year and definitely brightened spirits.

Every other year our New York friends rent out a bar on Long Island.  We’ve reached the age where doing something every year isn’t so appealing, but every other year is doable.  In the past we’ve had a host that checks ID’s and hand out wrist bracelets and monitors our section.  This year the riff raff on the non-party side waited in the wings and tried to enter and take advantage of our buffet and open bar.  Most we could fight back, but the woman who danced by in her glittery dress and the tiny biker with long hair dancing with a skull decorated tap he pulled from the wall were given what they wanted.  Who even knows what you could catch if they got mad and bit.  Picking my battles in 2017 more wisely and started with these two.  Freaks aside we still had a good time, there isn’t much better than beers with friends.

I’m not particularly a “New Year, New Me” person but when Mindy Kaling reposted this Vanity Fair image I immediately became ready to kick this years ass and actually took some concrete steps to make this one of the best years ever.  It will be the best year ever, there is no other choice.  I can’t wait to talk about some of the things I have in the pipelines in a blog post later this week.

How were your holidays?  What are you looking forward to this year?

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