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Summer So Far…

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It’s August 14th.  Like every summer I’m sitting here in disbelief.  I had big plans. Really big plans.  I even wrote them down!  Yet here we are, August 14th… and I’m fairly certain I’ve accomplished just about nothing. Like most New Englanders I live for fall.  Pumpkin, cider, boots, pumpkin, and foliage.  I swore this summer wasn’t going to be different though.  I would enjoy it, give it a chance.  I would not work and sleep all summer.  Things would happen!  I would even start a blog and document all the awesome things I did. Well it’s August 14th and that hasn’t happened…yet.  On the bright side, there’s no time like the present! So here’s the blog and here’s what’s happened this summer so far…   fireflight Brewery tours have quickly become a favorite pass time for PK (my boyfriend) and I.  Connecticut has seen a boom in the craft beer scene since legislators realized we are no longer in Temperance-era America. Lucky for me there is a brewery literally in my backyard.  Not just any brewery, but Firefly Hollow.  AOL voted it the number one brewery in Connecticut.  That’s right, AOL.  Bow peasants. In all honesty, this brewery is incredible.  If you ever find yourself in the CT area you need to find your way here.  Not only is the beer top notch, but the atmosphere and the people turn the hour you intended to spend there into a whole afternoon or evening. 2roads Firefly isn’t the only well-known brewery in Connecticut.  There’s also a little place called Two Roads.  According to Will Siss (The Beer Snob)’s Connecticut Beer: A History of Nutmeg State Brewing Two Roads is not just your run of the mill brewery, it’s “a multimillion-dollar partnership of men with big-brewery experience.” He was not lying.  On June 27th, PK and I made our way down for their second annual Jam Fest and despite the rain, we had a blast.  The facilities were beautiful and once again the atmosphere here makes you want to stay forever.  The day really went by too fast. Not only was this a beer fest but there were local food trucks (see delicious meal above) and bands present as well.  The headliners of the event from NOLA, The Soul Rebels, were incredible.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get great pictures of the bands because I only had my iPhone 4 (i.e. I’m poor and can’t afford a new phone) and the rain began to come down once they got onstage. brewfloor2roadsbuildingbrew bugmalty Jam Fest was amazing and is now going to be a summer tradition.     party guests Also to become a summer tradition will be PK and myself buying/baking for your friendship. After seven years in Queens I’ve unfortunately lost touch with many friends from high school and those that I have kept in contact with have moved out of state.  Making friends as an adult is a subject I’m currently lukewarm about.  I have to work at it. Boo.  Yet the times I have actually tried, I’ve succeeded. Yay. When we were invited to a BBQ by a friend of a coworker/friend, I jumped at the opportunity.  “First impressions are everything!” I cried to PK as my Oreo truffles came tumbling out of the freezer onto the floor.  “We’re the new ones we can’t show up empty handed!”  Empty handed we were not.  On hand we had: two variety packs of our favorite summer craft beers, buffalo chicken dip, and non-floor Oreo truffles. Invite us to your next event, we’ll basically cater it for you in return for friendship. The BBQ was held on the hostess’ family farm in Litchfield.  When our car turned the corner and we saw where we would be spending the evening, the term “farm party” was created.  It was the only way to describe it to our “city” friends.

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Well that’s it for now.  See? I told you not much has happened, but I swear from here on out it will be so much more interesting.  Really some full throttle exciting stuff.  The blog is here and the first awkward post is here too.  Like most firsts let’s take it for what it is, a learning experience and move forward from here, cool?


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