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Summer Bucket List


Monday, June 20th is the first day of summer.  It’s also not that far away.  Here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to doing over the next few months!

One.  Tubing down the Farmington River

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Farmington River Tubing is always a favorite.  What’s more relaxing than floating down river for two hours with the cool water below you and warm sun above?  I love this little section of the state.  Make a day of it by antiquing at nearby Collinsville Antiques Co. of New Hartford or Antiques on the Farmington and grab lunch at one of the many diners in the area.

Two.  Outdoor Beer Festivals


There is never a shortage of beer related activities in Connecticut.  Next week we’re kicking things off with Two Roads Annual Road Jam Fest!

Three.  Farms and Orchards


One of my favorite things to do is take scenic drives with an iced coffee and great playlist.  On these rides I’ve seen so many farms that I’ve never noticed or heard of before.  I’d love to start a summer series on the blog visiting both large and small farms and orchards to get the word out about them.  What’s some of your favorites that I should visit?

Four.  Visiting Upstate NY


PK’s mom has a lovely house in upstate New York.  It’s so relaxing to get away for a few days.  This year I’d love to return to Bethel Woods, the Woodstock Museum that’s nearby.

Five.  Discover New Restaurants/Visit Hartfordphoto 2-1

As I previously mentioned, Hartford is growing.  Another series I’d love to start this summer is learning more about the capital city and everything it has to offer.  Recommendations welcome!  Of course Bear’s BBQ is on the menu.

Six.  Day Trips to Boston and NYC


I love exploring and walking.  When I visited Las Vegas I spent $20 gambling and the rest of the week I walked everywhere trying to see everything.  I’m in NYC every weekend, but don’t get out enough and I’m only two hours away from Boston from my house in CT.  I think being so close to these cities and visiting them often growing up makes me take them for granted.


Seven.  Market Meals


I’m on a quest to cook more.  If I plan on visiting farms and farmers markets often this summer, what better way to use the ingredients than make my own market meals?  Creating meals from only Connecticut grown and raised products.  A great way to get some inspiration and practice is The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook.  Click the title and read a great review by OmnomCT!

Eight.  Hot Air Balloon Festivals


I have to wait till August for the Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival, but it’s always worth the wait.


Nine.  Drive-in-Theaters


I love drive-in theaters and Connecticut has three great options!  Southington Drive-In, Mansfield Drive-In, and Pleasant Valley Drive-In.

Ten.  Wine it Up


I guess you never know how truly Italian you are until you post a picture of yourself wearing a pinky ring.  Please don’t judge me, not pictured it the rest of my midi ring collection.  Anyways, PK and I visit breweries so much, I think a winery every know and again needs to happen.  PK, if you’re reading this, I know I said after this last weekend never let me drink wine again, but you know I didn’t mean the other ten times I said it, and I didn’t mean it now.  Check out the Connecticut Winery Trail.

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  • Reply Jess

    Every time I read your posts it just makes me want to move to Connecticut! You’re so close to all the awesome big cities (and beer!) Texas is too hot to really enjoy the summer, but I still have some summer plans!

    June 10, 2016 at 12:10 pm
    • Reply Kate Maccio

      One of my best friends moved to Austin and I wanted to visit over the summer but she said I should wait till cooler weather haha! I feel like out there you guys have a whole year to do fun outdoor things, I love snow but I don’t really like to go out in it!

      June 10, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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