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Steep Rock State Park


Incase you were unaware, the town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut is not real.  The Gilmore Girls picturesque town is actually based after Washington Depot, Connecticut.  There is no Luke’s Diner, but there is the Hickory Stick Bookstore, which is just as quaint and cute.

My favorite part of this little town is Steep Rock State Park.  It’s a hidden little gem.  Hidden as in this is another part of the Roxbury Land Trust that my Waze App will just not lead me to.  So if you ever make it over there take the road across from the Hickory Stick, take a left at the end of that short street with a pizza shop, and take the road all the way down.  Yes, you are on a quiet residential neighborhood, but at the end is a little piece of New England heaven.


Steep Rock is one of the most picturesque and versatile hiking trails I’ve trekked so far.  My suggestion is to study the map ahead of time and download the PDF to your phone, there is no service out here.  I chose to take the middle trail just to the left of the river when you look at the map.  It can be a little hilly, and there are definitely rocks you’ll need to climb over, but the views are worth it.  At the end of this trail is the Hauser Footbridge.  Cross over and you can have an easier walk back on a flattened dirt road shared by cars, bikes, strollers, walking clubs, and even horses.



Once you cross this tiny footbridge the trail gets steep (get it?) and rocky.



Leaf peeping

Leaf peeping

Hauser Footbridge

Hauser Footbridge

So, I’m only a little bitter that I couldn’t get tickets to the Gilmore Girls, Finding Stars Hollow event being held here in Washington Depot, but I’ll never stop visiting this trail.  If you ever find yourself in Connecticut check this little town out!

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