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Spring Bucketlist



1. Farmer’s Markets!

I love love love Farmer’s Markets and there are plenty in Connecticut.  Visit the Farmer’s Market Trail website to locate your nearest market as well as when they open and what they sell.  Not only is farm fresh food good for you, but you’re supporting your neighbors.  Plus there is always tons of fun events.  I’ve seen steel drum bands, face painting, and BEER!

2. Duck Races


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Does anyone else’s state do this?  Some of my earliest childhood memories are cheering for my duck to cross the finish line.

For anyone scratching their heads, some towns get together and hold rubber duck races along with huge block parties sponsored by local businesses to benefit charities.  This Saturday I’ll be heading to the Pawcatuck Duck Races whose proceeds go to local schools.  If you’re in the area, Forrestville will be holding a duck race on Sunday in downtown.


3. Learn to golf.

Pretty straight forward.  PK and I have vowed to learn to golf.  Somehow my family has amassed a large collection of golf club sets.  It seems only right to put a few of the 10 sets to use.


4. Trails


Check out the CT DEEP’s 2016 hiking challenge: Sky’s the Limit!

Whether it’s hiking or walking trails there isn’t one far from you.  Get our and meet your neighbors!


5. Kayaking

Christmas present is here!!!!! AHHHhHh!!!! Thank you @pk_54 !!!!!! Now who else has a kayak and wants to go out with me?!?!

I just need to a cart so I can get my kayak on my car by myself and then I’ll be unstoppable.


6. Yankees Games


Heading to our first game of the season next week for PK’s birthday!  So excited for $10 thimbles of beer.


7. Beer Gardens


Also up on PK’s birthday tour.  Grab good friends, get a table, and hope for the best.


8. Outdoor cafes


Sorry, I only accept fancy spreads like this now.  Boston spoiled me.  This and a glass of wine on an outdoor patio?  I’m there.


9. Small town, mainstreet walks


So, Stamford’s not a small town, but you get the point.  I love grabbing a coffee and exploring new neighborhoods, big or small.  Speaking of coffee…


10. Iced Coffee


Last, but certainly not least is iced coffee.  I drink iced coffee all year round.  Can, cup, keg, it’s all good by me.  It’s just a little more satisfying and nostalgic in the spring and summer.


What’s on your spring bucketlist?

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