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So, When’s the Date?


We’ve officially been asked this question more times than days we’ve been engaged.

While heading home from our trip, newly engaged, I received a text from a friend.  It read:

“My one word of advice is, don’t feel pressured to start planning the wedding right away.  If you want to, great, but also enjoy this moment.”

At that moment, PK and I had no idea how sound this advice was.  Neither of us had a specific date in mind, nor did we plan on having a big to-do.  However, we did know we’d be aiming for Fall 2018 after some excited post-engagement conversation.  Apparently, while in Miami for another friend’s bachelor party, the boys plotted a dual bachelor party for PK and another friend.  And they say the girls are the ones planning ahead.


Approximately twenty minutes after arriving home and being surprised by relatives at our local brewery, we were first asked.  It wasn’t a big deal, we knew it was more of a joke than an actual question.  We all laughed.

We continued to laugh the second, third, and fourth times the question was brought up.

Forty-eight hours later we began sweating under the collar and hyperventilating when asked, “No seriously, we need to decide what will happen for an engagement party.  Start thinking about it.”

Somewhere along the lines, the girl who asked only half joking to elope, fell into the Pinterest blackhole.  My wedding board is a beautiful disarray of hand painter growler centerpieces and flower crowns. Lady friends joined and began to Pin things for me they thought I’d like. It took all my strength to pull myself out, but I did.  I thought back on our friend’s advice and took a chill pill.

One good thing I learned out of this short descent into madness is that I would like to plan an actual party.  It will still be very “Kate and Pat” (low-key) but it won’t be the elopement of everyone’s nightmares.

Back to Pinning.  Send help.  Actually, send cost-saving ideas.

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  • Reply Jess

    CONGRATS!!!! I remember the bombardment of questions about the wedding moments after I was engaged as well. (Honestly eloping still sounds like a good idea, even though I have a venue booked and everything!) We planned to get married two years after our engagement, and it’s been a lot less stressful that way, plus I get to enjoy just being engaged! My parents eloped, so they were all aboard that train, but Alex wants a real wedding, so that’s what I’m going to give him. (Even if I feel more comfortable in a pantsuit than a dress) Just remember that at the end of the day, your wedding is about you, so don’t do something to please a friend/relative if you know that you’ll regret it when you look back on it! If you ever need to whine/complain/bounce ideas off someone, you can always talk to me! I’m on the wedding struggle bus too haha!

    October 5, 2016 at 9:13 am
    • Reply Kate Maccio

      Thank you!!! Yes! I will definitely need someone to bounce creative ideas off of!

      October 5, 2016 at 12:13 pm

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