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Snapshots of Vacation

No time slips by quite as fast as your vacation week.  Here I am on Sunday, my last day off, catching up on blog posts.  No books were read, no kayaking trips were taken, and there was a little less relaxation time than I had planned on.  I fully acknowledge some people don’t get any vacation or time off, but this is my little nook of the world to mildly complain, so I will.

Having the week after the fourth of July off as my “summer” vacation was an odd experience for this former indoor kid.  Despite the near ninety degree weather, with what felt like 110% humidity, I always associate the Fourth of July with the end of summer.  So, it didn’t really feel like a summer vacation until an unexpected trip to the beach.

The only concrete plans I made were with a teacher friend, Laura.  I love Laura because she is a friend who will follow through with plans.  I, myself, am guilty of saying, “Let’s do *this*,” or “Let’s go *here*!” without taking the next steps to make anything happen.  However, Laura is not like that and I am so glad for it!

Apparently, I talk about how much I love Salem so much (*eye roll* I know I do) that Laura wanted to take a trip and visit with me.  I’m always so confident in how amazing something is until someone else is going to experience it.  I spent the month leading up to the trip constantly revising our itinerary and checking the weather until I thought we reached perfection.  I wanted her to love this little coastal village as much as I do.

Despite a packed schedule and the occasional rain, it was a relaxing two days in the Witch City.  We took the trolley sightseeing (first thing you need to do here) and grabbed a healthy lunch from Life Alive. Next, we visited the Witch Museum — I’ve been there several times so I take for granted how cool it is, but as a first-timer, Laura really enjoyed the experience. After that, we wandered the garden at the Ropes Mansion before checking into the lovely historic hotel, The Hawthorne.  Dinner was right on the water at Finz, followed by gigantic ice creams cones from Maria’s Sweet Somethings in downtown under the fairy lights.

The next day started with early with pumpkin spice lattes while walking Derby Wharf and visiting the light house.  Undeterred by the heat, we took the twenty minute walk to the Salem Willows and explored the beach and boardwalk.  Normally at the beach I burst into flames, but since I started tanning for my psoriasis (absolutely working wonders, btw) I actually got a little color and no itchy skin!  Side note, by tan I mean I’ve gone from “porcelain” to “nude.”  Progress is progress.

We walked back into town to visit my favorite spot, The House of Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne Homestead.  Right across the street from Seven Gables is the country’s oldest candy shop, Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie that we had to taste-test (Oprah buys all her turtles here) before lunch at Rockafella’s.  The trip ended the best way possible, with shopping and tea at Jolie’s Tea shop.  On the way home, bad weather took us off track, but as a result we ended up going through some adorable New England towns that I need to go back and visit.  Concord, I’m looking at you.

What have I done with the rest of my vacation?  Aside from waiting for Game of Thrones and spending time with PK, I couldn’t really tell you… and I’m okay with that.  I’m not excited for work, but I always incorporate a little extra self care to my schedule following vacation.  Here’s to trying to get more sleep and read more books!

What have you done with your vacation?  Anything fun planned?

P.S. You can also see my trip to Salem last Summer,  Salem in the Fall, and Salem in the Spring.  Guess I need to drop by in the Winter!

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