Powder Hollow Brewery

Saturday PK and I got a Groupon for Powder Hollow Brewery in Hazardville, Connecticut.  $10 for two flights, two souvenir pint glasses, and a tour.  While the brewery was a bit of a drive for us, it was worth the trip and we had planned the rest of our day around it.  I apologize in advance for the iPhone 4 quality pics, but I hate taking out the camera and ruining the vibe.


The brewery was started by Mike McManus, a young guy about our own age, in his mid twenties.  There’s always different beers on tap from what I’ve heard and the locals that we talked to that day had great things to say about him and the brewery.

Take a look at the hours listed above.  You can’t beat that.


The inside of the brewery was fun and well thought out, the little details really made it.  When you’re inside it feels like a New England brewery with the vaulted ceiling and exposed brick.  I plan on coming back during peak boot and sweater season this fall.



I’ve been dying to attend a beer and yoga session and didn’t know they actually happened it the state!  I’m upset I’ll be missing this one, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they hold another one.



I really liked the variety offered.  PK and I each got a flight and we had completely different brews.  I tend to stick to the lighter and hoppy variety while PK like the darker, stoutier beers.


Awesome growler filling station.   A problem we see a lot at the smaller breweries is lines forming because the bartenders have to fill from the taps.


We had a great time and will definitely try to make our way back.  It’s not too far from Bear’s Smokehouse’s Windsor location so you could easily grab BBQ to-go and make your way over.  Support Mike and the great business he has going on here!

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