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Out of Hibernation

We’ve been thinking spring thoughts over here.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and I love snow, but like most New Englanders, I’m getting seasonal ADD.  I’m ready for the next one.  We had one glorious week of sixty degree weather at the end of February, but it was more a tease more than anything else.

Right at the end of the nice weather PK and I went to Mohegan Sun for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience.  He got me the tickets for Christmas because he gets me.  We decided to treat each other and split for a hotel room at the casino.  The rooms are not affordable.  Convenient and great views, yes, but not affordable.

The concert was incredible.  Ramin Djawadi, composer/conductor, deserves any award ever where there is a category he can be eligible for.  Seeing the music performed live while your favorite scenes played on giant screens and castle turrets was probably one of the greatest moments of my life, not a joke.  Ramin played a lot of the instruments himself and uses local choruses and orchestras to perform with himself and a few select instrumentalists and singer that travel on tour with him.

At the beginning of the concert they played the opening theme while a montage of every character from the show played.  Sansa, Arya, and Daenerys (Khaleesi and true Queen of the Seven Kingdoms), rightfully, received the loudest applause and cheering.  I hope they decide to do this every year because we will be there with bells on and beer down our shirts because people love elbowing me and ruining my brand new shirts.  Hence my buttoned up sweater catastrophe below.

If you’re within twenty minutes of Mystic, you go to Mystic.  The morning after our concert I convinced PK to make the trip for breakfast.  It’s been so long since our last time at Kitchen Little that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity.  Of course, this was the first cold day after the sixty degree week and being cold on the water is never too fun.  I actually had hot coffee from Vault like a normal human.

Hartford has finally been making it’s way into my schedule.  I keep saying I want to visit, but have never found the time.  Thankfully, I have friends willing to take field trips with me, especially when beer is involved.  Twice now we’ve made the pilgrimage to The Wadsworth Antheneum and Hog River Brewing.  The first time I did a quick tour of the museum followed by beers, burgers, and live music at Hog River on a Thursday.  The next time we hit Hog River first for beers before a concert by We Banjo 3 at the Wadsworth.  There are a lot of events coming up in Hartford I’m very excited for that I’ll be sharing on here soon.  The Wadsworth offers free admission during some week days so take advantage!

Like Hartford, Brooklyn has been on my to-do list for quite some time.  During the nice weather we actually made it down for the indoor Brooklyn Flea.  I’m actually mad I’ve waited so long to go and can’t wait for the outdoor festival starting in April.  The antique vendors and food vendors are spot on, everything you could hope for at an event like this.  All the vendors were incredibly nice as well, we had enlightening conversations with more than a few of them.

A friend and myself also stopped by the Oddities Flea Market, a one time event, this past weekend and were a tad disappointed.  There were some really cool vendors and merchandise but there were so many people we could barely make it to any tables.  One of my biggest gripes with New York is that, while there are so many fun and interesting things to do, there are too many people at them.  The indoor flea wasn’t too bad first thing in the morning when they opened, so that will be my strategy for anything else I do in Brooklyn.

Regardless of the weather or season, I will always be outside.  I’m trying to find new trails that I feel comfortable with on my own.  I recently hiked Sessions Woods in Bristol.  I hear about a lot of bear sightings in these woods, but when I went there were so many other people on the trail I felt I could out run a few of them should a bear wake up early and hungry from their hibernation.

The Connecticut Forest and Parks Association recently had a volunteer orientation that I attended.  Now more than ever we need to protect our natural resources.  I’m excited for the new opportunity to meet more outdoors lovers and discover new trails.

To round out our little catch up post, Coors and I went to Washington Depot, CT.  The town Stars Hollow, home of the Gilmore Girls, is based on.  We bought way too many books and enjoyed beer and burgers by the fire at the GW Tavern.  Dressed in a million layers we also braved the 20 degree weather for a hike at Steep Rock Preserve.  Regardless of the freezing temperatures, that hike is always worth the trip.

Many more upcoming adventures I can’t wait to share with you.  I know my last post I went on about having more time to blog, but I decided to take a month and enjoy life at a slower pace recently and I love that decision.  I feel like a new person with fresh ideas and more excitement than ever at some upcoming possibilitie

How are you preparing to end the long hibernation of winter?

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