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Attending Oktoberfest in Munich may be at the top of my bucket list.  Until then, I have Two Roads.


Saturday PK got us tickets to the 3rd Annual Ok2berfest at the brewery.  We planned so well.  Since we spent the night in Stamford the night before we were able to take the hotel’s free shuttle to the Metro North train station then take the train to Stratcity.


Two Roads is incredible.  Aside from making the most delicious beer (Road 2 Ruin) they also had the genius idea to fix up an old 70’s short bus and offer free pick-ups and drop-offs from the train to the brewery and reverse.  We attempted to text the service but couldn’t get through.  As we stood around in a sea of bro’s with pastel shorts we realized the 12 seater bus may not happen so we Uber’d to the brewery.

Tickets were only $20 a piece and it included entry, a commemorative stein, and your first beer.  The efficiency is always so great, you’re in the gate before you know it and they even provide you with a map of the brewery with the food trucks and bands there that day.  It makes me want to go back to school to become an event planner.


What started out as a crisp cool autumn morning slowly turned into a hot and slightly sticky afternoon.  Welcome to New England.  After touring the grounds and seeing what was there we claimed seats by the windows inside to catch the breeze.




PK and I knew the event was sold out but we were still astounded by how many people were there that day.  It was packed outside under the tents and it was packed inside in the tasting room.  Then suddenly after we thought positive thoughts and walked by the door three times, the event room with newly installed air conditioning and a secret bathroom without a line of 1000 girls opened.  We wandered in not believing out luck and marked our territory.  Eating out pulled pork sandwiches (it’s a beerfest, it doesn’t feel right to eat anything else) in AC with a beer was exactly what we needed to refresh.



After regaining our strength we headed out to the hop yard (where they grow hops, duh) for the second stage.  The first stage in the front of the brewery had German Bands and a stein holding competition.  The second stage in the back had some other local bands.  We got to hear the end of the Atlas Gray set.  They were absolutely incredible, like if Hozier and Alabama Shakes had a baby, it would be this band.  Check them out on Spotify, or actually support musicians and buy the CD on their website… ya know, whatever.




After we caught the band we made our way back to the front and settled in for the rest of the day at the beer garden in the front.  We watched inebriated people test their strength and listen to Das Booty kick ass.  The table in front of us yelled at people as they walked by to partake in the competition and it was great.  It made PK and I miss our NY friends.  If they were with us they would have been the loud, drunk group that yelled, “Hey! Hey, cowboy!” (older man with cowboy hat and boots) “Hit that! Ring the bell!”- He did it by the way.


I’m not sure how he did it, but there was a blacksmith there and he worked in the heat all day making bottle openers.  PK let me pick out something as a birthday gift (because clearly he hadn’t done enough for me this weekend).  I chose this cool recycled notebook.  I was surprised by how excited they were when I chose it.  Apparently it was the first one sold that day.  It was 100% recycled and he binds them by hand.  All the paper inside is recycled from the blacksmith’s day job and he created the prints on the front.



PK and I had a great time.  We even made new friends.  No photographic evidence because it’s a little weird to be like, “Hey really nice to meet you!  Can I take a picture of you for my blog maybe two people read?”

However, there is photographic evidence PK and I are too old to selfie.

(Editor’s note: Selfie removed due to PK resembling a drunk gnome. Kate was cute though.)

We were sad to leave, but we successfully managed to hop on the beer bus.





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