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New York Renaissance Faire

Whenever you decide to make something a yearly event, you try to improve upon your experience every time you go.  For example, last year was our first time at The New York Renaissance Faire and while we had a fantastic time, we made mental notes to dress more comfortably and perhaps go when it wasn’t 80 degrees.  This year I thought, “Perfect.  We’ll go for my birthday at the end of September.  It should be cooler, at least not 80.”  So, of course it wasn’t 80 degrees.  It was 90.

Weather aside, The New York Renaissance Faire is probably the most fun you can have as an adult.  While it is very renaissance-era themed and there is a Queen, other “fandoms” or cultures blend in seamlessly.  There are pirates, belly dancers, video game characters, Celtic bagpipe players, and Game of Thrones enthusiasts.  Every weekend has a theme so during “Time Traveler Weekend” you’ll probably see some Harry Potters and Stormtroopers too.

I always find it hard to truly describe how much fun The New York Renaissance Faire is.  You can go on a pub crawl around the entire fair led by a guide or listen to the talented musicians around every corner.  There are jousts and costume parades, a street filled with hand-made artisan goods and a street devoted to the mystical.  We also cannot forget about the incredible food.  Giant turkey legs, steak on a stake, and fish and chips (for the pirates.)  Oh, and the faeries.  To truly feel like a child again or to see the happiest children you’ve ever seen in your life, visit the faerie forest.

I could go on all day, but there’s plenty of photographic evidence of the sheer happiness the renaissance faire creates.


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