Connecticut, Litchfield Hills, Washington Depot

Mount Tom State Park


Thursday my cousin, Mads, and I decided to take a hike to celebrate her last day of school.  Can you believe that?  Kids these days.  Back in my day, I went to school until the end of June!

We decided to head to one of our favorite areas (Litchfield Hills, duh), but wanted to explore someplace new.  Mount Tom, seemed like the perfect place, and it was.

The trail was relatively short, perfect for an evening adventure, but it was rigorous.  The hike felt like it was an intense incline most of the time, for us at least.  When you finally make it to the top, the views make the effort completely worth it.


There are several different paths and overlook areas on your way up.  If you bring children, hold onto them because it was easy to see how someone could run off and fall!  Take a brochure with a map in it at the beginning, as well; we had to reference it a few times, even for such a short hike.


This beautiful land was donated to the state (just like Talcott Mountain) by the Senff family in 1911 and was one of fifteen parks established from 1913 to 1918 by our state’s first park commissioner.  Part of the deal the family made when donating the land was that an observation tower was to be built at the top.  Thanks, Wikipedia!



The last stretch of trail needs to be marked, like above, because the incline is so steep it makes you wonder if that’s really part of the trail.

Where are my dragons?



The views from the top were breathtaking.  We relaxed at the top for awhile, taking in the surroundings and regaining our strength for the journey back down.  The hike back down felt like it took 10 minutes.

What we loved about this trail, was that there was just enough people on it.  As we went up the last stretch, a couple with dogs were on their way down and as we headed down, another couple headed up.







Where are my dragons?


Where are my dragons?!

PK received about 10 of these pictures and I still have plenty left to get us through this weekend.



On our way out, we stopped at Mount Tom Pond.  It was absolutely beautiful.  There is a girls’ overnight camp on the other side and a beach on our side.  We’re planning to come back for an evening picnic.  There were several farm stands and small markets in the area, and not to blow to the door open on this secret, but there was only one woman on this beach and she told us it’s always quiet there during weekday evenings.

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