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Marblehead, MA

On Labor Day, my brother and I took a day trip to Marblehead, MA.  Located just five minutes away from downtown Salem, I’ve always had this on my list of places to visit.  The town is absolutely gorgeous, but I advise getting there much earlier than we did.  There was no parking lots I could find, but there is plenty of street parking, you just might be a few blocks away from actual downtown.  My other suggestion is map out bathrooms.  We spent the better part of an hour buying coffees and seltzers at various stores searching for bathrooms and could find none.  We finally found public restrooms at the historic Fort Sewall.

Marblehead is a classic New England coastal town.  There was no shortage of scenic views, colonial era buildings, or local owned shops.  The weather was on the warmer side and it was perfect for exploring outside.  After visiting Fort Sewall my brother and I headed back into town and ate at The Barnacle.  An older woman with killer lipstick literally came dancing out of the restaurant and told us it was the best lobster roll of her life.  How could we keep walking by after that?  We enjoyed lobster rolls on the deck and watched people sail by.

After lunch we walked around some more before stopping by Old Burial Hill.  The graveyard sits on top of a hill that overlooks the entire town.  The views are breathtaking, but the the best part is being able to pay respects to those who founded and fought for our country.  The tallest monument, pictured below, was dedicated to those who fought during the American War for Independence.  There are so many old graveyards in New England, it’s important to pay respects to those who fought to found this country, those who took a chance and came here for a new life, and especially those who came here against their will.  America is still an experiment that needs tweaking and that’s why I love visiting historic towns like Marblehead.

We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to stroll through Salem at the end of our trip!

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