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Let’s Get Cozy

Here in New England we’ve all but entered into complete hibernation mode.  It’s the time of year between New Years and spring when we retreat to our bedrooms and nap away the short, cold days and prep for the ever unpredictable Nor’easters.  Personally, I love this time of year.  I love cuddling up in blankets with a cup of tea and good book with a record on.  It’s safe to say that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) has never been a worry for me, but I can understand how my summer-loving friends get antsy to see the sun again.  I’ve always struggled to find a way to convey my feelings about the restorative winter season, but the Dutch have taken care of that for me.

If you read other blogs or have been to a bookstore lately you may have seen this word come up quite frequently: hygge.  Pronounced [hoo ga], it’s more a state of mind but also loosely translates to “cozy” and “warm.”  The hygge lifestyle encourages you to create a sanctuary that allows to you feel happy and embrace simple, everyday life.  A quick Pinterest search will yield all the hygge inspiration you could ever need, so pin away!

So how do I hygge?

1. I love bright bedding to contrast against the dark walls and having plenty of nearby storage so I can work from bed on the coldest days.// 2. Stacks of books, especially design coffee table books, are placed all around my living and bed room.// 3. Fabric garlands are easy to make and can be changed out season to season.// 4. One of my favorite places to go for design pieces and inspiration is Antiques on the FarmingtonKimberly Kelleher always has amazing pieces there.// 5. I picked up some new red toille winter bedding and loaded my bed with pillows to get comfortable when I read.//6.  A great stress reliever and creative activity is restaging my bookshelves with every season, I love incorporating items like real leaves to bring the outdoors in and displaying nick-knacks from recent travels.// 7.  The self-care station is next to my bed, complete with seasonal scented candles, lotion, and sample size perfumes.  My favorite tiny luxury is a spritz of perfume before bed.// 8. Music also helps to create a relaxed environment.// 9. My  desk space complete with wall hanging to try and warm up the cold walls of this old house.

When I help others design their space I’m all about clean minimalist spaces.  My personal style is just that: personal.  My dark, quiet room is my happy place where I can get work done or lay back and read for hours.

If you still haven’t quite gotten the concept of hygge yet, you could always visit Douglas Elliman Florida and get your sunshine fix.

How do you get cozy in the winter?

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