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Let’s Catch Up Part 2

Let's Catch UpPart 2

Well, here we are a few days later than I promised with Part 2 of our catch up.  What kept me away is more material for a post that I promise will make the rounds here tomorrow!


My love of Collinsville is well documented.  Now, I’m introducing the rest of the gang to the wonders of this beautiful town.  To start off vacation I brought my mom and PK up to check out Collinsville Hot.  The name was quite fitting.  We were drenched after we made the rounds to all the vendor tents, but cooled off with an always delicious lunch at LaSalle Market.





Momma.  She likes it here.


Then, because we love making as many plans in one day as possible, PK and I brought one of my younger cousins to the Red Sox vs. Yankees game that evening.  PK is all about cultivating a love of Yankees with impressionable, young New Englanders.




The Yankees lost, but the tweenager tired out from junk food and baseball while clutching his new t-shirt didn’t care.

The next day I was on the road again.  This coming weekend is my beautiful friend Katie’s bachellorette trip.  She’s a very smart girl so she chose Connecticut as her destination!  Be sure to look out for that post early next week, we have quite a lot planned.  To prepare for the trip (everything is a complete surprise for her) we grabbed brunch at Mezon Tapas and made our way to the new PRIMARK!!!!! Katie has visited Primark when she studied abroad and knew of its wonders.  I carefully guided her as to what we would need for this upcoming weekend and then we both bought a little more after that.


The breakfast burrito was a-mezon.  Get it?

That was stupid, Kate. Stupid.


If you don’t know what Primark is, you live in the United States.  It’s very new here and they just opened a location in the Danbury Mall.  I’ve been three times already and I can promise you the field trips will not end anytime soon.  Imagine Target and Forever 21 had a baby.  That’s only scratching the surface of how much this store will affect my budget and bank account.


The rest of my vacation week was fairly quiet.

I caught Pokemon.

Helped PK with some organization and cleaning by him.

Purged my room and redecorated as seen in Part 1.

Then, my adventure buddy Cory helped me end vacation with a bang.  MYSITC!  You know that other city my love is well documented for.


Breakfast is always Vault.




Visiting Mystic Village is always a good time.  They just added a new cafe, Alice in the Village.






The fresh tea was delicous, the mood was perfect, and they even had a balloon artist.



We have a regular lunch/dinner spot too.  The Captain Daniel Packer Inne.  The best scallops I’ve ever had in my life and you get to eat them across from the harbor in an old sailor hangout with local beer.  Enough said.





There was plenty of new shops in Downtown Mystic as well.  We didn’t have enough time to visit all of them, but we had to try the new juice bar, Karma Kitchen.  They has literally just opened that weekend and would be introducing food that week.  I had the pink lemonade and I fell in love.  It had the pink lemonade taste I love without having the too-sugary bite aftertaste.





Well, here we are.  Mostly caught up!  I’ll be back here tomorrow with my rainy day adventures from this past weekend!


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  • Reply Jen B

    We went to Mystic a few years ago. It would be nice to go down again. We were supposed to take a big trip this summer, but it’s not happening so we’ll have to find somewhere a little closer to home than originally planned.

    August 2, 2016 at 9:49 am
    • Reply Kate Maccio

      Sorry to hear about your big trip, but spanning out a few day trips is always great! We were told by people that work in the Seaport that the best time to visit is early fall. My boyfriend and I go in September for my birthday and it’s great because there’s only European visitors, but everything is still open!

      August 2, 2016 at 9:15 pm

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