A baby shower, an engagement party, and a beer tour.  I may have said no more catch up posts, but I’m catching you up on the last two weeks.  My beloved laptop stopped working in September and I’ve been working from my brother’s laptop or my cell phone since.  The downside of using those (aside from my phone posting pictures sideways) is that neither of them are my laptop.  Nothing makes me feel more productive than sitting down in my craft corner with a fresh beer and spending an hour finding the right Spotify station before starting on a post.

Two months ago I dropped my laptop off to get fixed and it’s been a comedy of errors since to get it back.  Two weeks ago when I stopped posting I threw a mini hissy fit and vowed no more sideways picture posts until my baby was returned.  Now my pal is back, and we have some pictures for you to enjoy.


We celebrated of friend’s soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.  Above is my Pinterest project for the nursery.  I also made closet organizers and bought a pair of baby converse.  Baby stuff is fun.  Especially when it’s a baby I get to spoil but not be responsible for.



Oh, and have I mentioned the Harry Potter themed engagement party we attended?




A Long Island engagement party is equivalent to a wedding anywhere else.


While everyone else was busy growing up, PK and I ventured onto a bus tour of the local breweries.  Thankfully, the tour started at my backyard brewery, Firefly Hollow.  The tour included Relic Brewing, Brass Works Brewing, and Shebeen, then stopped back at Firefly.

One thing I love about Connecticut (there’s a lot), is that even when we have a poopy government, we don’t use that as a crutch.  We join together as a community to make things better.  That’s what I believe the CT Beer Trail has done.  They have brought people together and have been a huge reason why I’ve come home and convinced others to look at CT as their future home.





If you live local or even close enough for day trips I highly encourage you to buy a beer trail membership.  It’s only $20 (sometimes even discounted), you get a nifty card to carry around, and you get incredible discounts like 20% off participating hotels, 10% off participating brewery merchandise, and even discounts on beer!  You’ll earn the cost of membership back quickly and every time we’ve attended events we’ve made new friends.


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