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Kinsmen Brewing

Kinsmen Brewing in Milldale (part of Southington) finally opened over the weekend in a gorgeous old, brick building near where I grew up.  Obviously, I had to stop in to see the progress and to taste test.  The brewery is located along the Rails to Trails, one of my favorite walking paths, that I’ve posted about earlier.  Obviously, I am a strong proponent for beer after physical activity, so their location is perfect.  The walking path right outside their doors leads you into downtown Plantsville and Southington’s evolving restaurant row.

While not completely finished, the inside of the brewery is breathtaking.  Huge, vaulted ceilings filled with skylights and exposed brick walls provide my preferred brewery atmosphere.  Eventually there will be tables and bars, but leaning against the make-shift tables of reclaimed wood while admiring their gigantic fireplace was a fun experience.  The owners’ passion is apparent and to be able to get in before everything is complete, trying the new brews and meeting neighbors, speaks to Connecticut’s growing beer and small business culture.  If your build it, your neighbors will support it.

On tap they had four beers:  21.3 American IPA,  Bowl Cut DIPA, Clark Brother’s Porter, and the Roast American Coffee Stout.  In the picture below I provided the menu with descriptions of each.  My brother, Noah, and I tried them all, in order to give a fair review, of course.  I really have a hard time picking a favorite.  While I’m normally an IPA person, the hint of blueberry in the porter was refreshing and my brother and I fought over who got to finish.

A huge thank you to Kinsmen.  Not only was the beer incredible, but they restored an building that sat empty for so long.  I’m so excited to see how the brewery continues to progress, I plan on being here a lot.

Sneak peek in side the new AM Fitness next door to the brewery.  Beer after physical activity, I’m telling you…

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