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It Rained on our Parade

Bantam, CTFarm Stands

Since we went hiking at Mount Tom my cousin, Mads, and I have been trying to plan a return visit to Bantam.  On our way we had passed several farm stands and shops, so we decided a picnic on the beach would be the perfect second trip.

Monday was bright and sunny, when I was in work, but once I got out the weather dramatically changed.  Of course.  By the time Mads and I got to our first stop we realized the picnic wasn’t going to happen, but it wasn’t going to stop us from adventuring like had we planned.


Our first stop was Arethusa Farm’s shop A Mano.  They are usually stocked up on their fresh farm made products, but since this was later in the day a lot of what we had wanted to try had already been sold out.  However, they still had plenty of ice cream and they were making fresh waffle cones.  Obviously, we got waffle cones.  The mint chip ice cream was AMAZING!  You could taste the difference between this and store bought.






We didn’t end up buying as much as we had planned, but this just gives us the excuse to come back and try the coffee milk, cheese, and yogurt.  This picnic will happen eventually!


Our second stop in Bantam was Ox Hollow Farm Stand, located right across the street from Mount Tom State Park.  It’s an open structure which allows you to see the brightly colored produce from the main street, that’s how it got our attention two weeks ago.

The farm stand has plenty of produce as well as fresh eggs and meat products.  I stocked up on kale, because my guinea pigs go crazy for it.  Well, my guinea pigs go crazy for anything that comes in a noisy plastic bag, but this they eat up impressively quick.  I’ve already received squeals of approval on Ox Hollow’s kale.








We enjoyed our quick little visits.  On my Summer Bucket List and I had written that I would like to support and post more about local farms.  I would say that so far I’ve been successful and this is a trend I plan on keeping up on.

Mads and I ended up at the Danbury Mall, don’t ask me how.  I was shown the wonders of Lush and, even after one day of use, I can say their facial products are miracle workers.  A post on that maybe next week.

What local farms or farm stands do you visit?  What should we try next?


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