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Downtown Stamford


I decided to throw up a bonus post today since there’s only a few pictures.  This past weekend when we attended the Two Road’s Brewing Winter Classic PK, myself, and friends got hotel rooms in Stamford.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love it here.  Just 30 minutes to Queens by car, a 45 minute train ride to Grand Central, and a fantastic young, vibrant community.  Stamford was also convenient because it is located on the Metro North train line so we could take the train to the brewery.  Safety first.

This weekend was actually a learning experience for us.  Gone are the days of rocking and rolling all night following parties all day.  We had a great time at the brewery, but our old age has caught up with us.  After just a few beers I was ready for a nap.  By the time we made it back to Stamford (at 8 PM) I began to question why I had made dinner reservations at a restaurant known for having a wide array of beers on tap.  Everyone else must have had the same thought because we all declined the drink menu opting instead for water and only picked at our food.  We made polite conversation about Game of Thrones before someone finally brought up the elephant in the room.  “Why am I tired at 8 o’clock? When did we get so old?”

“We did have a long day of drinking beer.” I offered, forgetting I was talking to people who regularly take part in and organize Beer Olympics. My answer was met with a few dejected head nods.

“So from now one, let’s just plan one thing.  Either the brewery or the beer bar.  Not both anymore.”  I said.  Heads nodded again. We were all in bed asleep by 10:30 on a Saturday night.

The next day, another couple stayed behind with PK and I so we could grab breakfast and wander downtown as they are interested in making it their future home as well.  This morning talking about growing older was actually a more exciting conversation.  Sure we can’t drink like we used to, but we are preparing for the next phase of our lives which is “where do we want to settle down?”  Getting to do that with friends and moving to a new city with a support team is a very exciting idea.


I was tired and it was cold out so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but downtown Stamford is really just an awesome place to explore, more so in the warmer weather obviously.  I’ve driven through and explored the city several times but walking on foot allows you to notice things you can’t when driving.  For example in the top picture we discovered a new cafe on Franklin Street in a converted row house that I’m dying  to try.  We were on the hunt for morning after beer breakfast so we unfortunately didn’t go in that day.

We did eventually decide a diner right in the center of downtown after circling a few blocks.  It was exactly what you’d expect/want in a diner.  It was held together by duct tape but you got massive amounts of food for pennies.

After breakfast we decided to see what the woman below was painting.


Then we realized we might still be drunk and also that a statue paints better than I do.


I’ve already had a nightmare with these faces in it.




I’m eagerly awaiting a nice spring day so I can walk around a lot longer and explore more, especially Harbor Point, a new up and coming area right on the water with great rooftop restaurants and new apartment complexes.  I’m also so so so excited for this city to become my home this time next year.  If you’re ever in the area stop by and check out this hidden gem.






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