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Bow Tie Cinemas

Movie theaters will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have a multitude of happy memories from growing up and seeing movies with family.  I also met my fiance, PK, while we both worked at the same theater.  Once we moved on to other careers and the option to see free movies stopped, unfortunately, so did our theater visits.  When you have to pay for rent and a car in Queens (not to mention you have a Target addiction) there isn’t much money left over.

I was so happy when Bow Tie Cinemas asked me to take part in their Grand Opening celebration for their South Norwalk location, the Ultimate Regent 8.  Bow Tie had previously invited me to their Ultimate Royale 6 theater in Westport a few weeks earlier and had such a great time.  You can see the previous blog post here.  I was blown away by how streamlined and enjoyable they had made the movie going experience.  When you have the option to stay in and watch On Demand or Netflix you sometimes need to be enticed out.  Bow Tie is doing just that.  They allow you to use computer stations to buy tickets, choose your seats, and even buy your food that they deliver to you.  If you want human interaction there is still a box office, concession stand, and a stocked bar.  The best part, though?  Everything is affordable.

The reception was a blast.  There were local residents along with Norwalk business owners and local politicians mingling.  I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people.  The staff walked around serving bite sized versions of their delicious food (the mac ‘n cheese is my favorite) and the bar kept their signature cocktails flowing.  When it came time for the official ribbon cutting the mayor’s gigantic scissors hilariously failed through several cutting attempts  It added more laughter to the already enjoyable weeknight out.  What I love about the Bow Tie Cinemas brand is that it is, in their own words, “a four generation family-owned company that is dedicated to Bringing Style and Elegance back to the Movie Going Experience.”  This goal seems to fit right in line with the culture Norwalk is currently cultivating.

After the reception in the lobby we were invited to see a movie of our choice.  They even included classics like Young Frankenstein in their options.  Sadly, I couldn’t stay since there was an accident causing traffic that would get worse the longer I was out, so I opted to head home instead.  A big thank you to Bow Tie once again for their hospitality and to Norwalk Now and MaxPR for putting the event together.

I’ve really been enjoying the increase in Norwalk visits to my schedule and have another post coming soon that will talk even more about the developing downtown and SoNo (South Norwalk) culture.  PK and I are even planning a night out to bar hop and I’ll probably drag him to see Thor:Ragnarok because I love Taika Waititi (google him and try not to fall in love.)

Have you been to Norwalk lately?


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