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Bikes & Brunch in Norwalk, CT

A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a brunch hop, in Norwalk, by MaxEx PR and NorwalkNow.  I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve really been enjoying my recent Norwalk trips.  The area is developing so nicely and I just really like the community/culture emerging there.  The icing on top of the cake for this morning turned out to be bikes!

Before the brunching began we were introduced to Jen and Mike Heslin who own Pedego SoNo, a bike shop where you can rent or buy your own electric Pedego.  The Pedego looks like a normal bike, but has a rechargeable battery under the seat and a small knob or screen on the handle that enables/disables the electric feature.  Mike fitted our crew for the perfect bikes and then took us on a short tour of the Norwalk shoreline.

The electric bike was perfect on this warm October morning. We were able to scoot around without getting sweaty or ruining brunch hair!  These were true concerns, what can I say?  It was also exciting to hear about the efforts being taken to develop bike and walking trails in the area.  However, the existing trails provided us with a perfect hilltop view of the city and Long Island Sound.  I had so much fun, it’s definitely something I’d like to do again!  The bikes are all weather, but I am not.  So, hopefully, I can get another ride in before the bitter cold or snow.

For brunch we started at Washington Prime in historic South Norwalk and a block away from Pedego.  The atmosphere here is so fun.  I felt like I was at an indoor garden tea party with the lush green walls and fun decor.  The breakfast burger and shrimp and grits were insanely delicious.  Their steak?  Perfectly pink in the middle and melts in your mouth.

Our second stop was The Spread.  Perfect for a warmer day, they had huge garage doors that let in plenty of light and fresh air.  They also made the perfect Bellini.  Let’s be real, brunch isn’t brunch without a cocktail to sip on.  Their banana crepe was the perfect dessert for breakfast indulgence.  For classic brunch, you need to try their Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.  The Spread also has great wall features, perfect for Instagram backgrounds.

The last stop was a short cab ride from downtown, Peaches Southern Pub & Juke Joint.  While I’m not too familiar with Southern fare, I can say now I’m a fan.  The sweet tea and peach cocktails paired perfectly with the Redneck PuPu platter that contained spicy andouille sausage and sweet corn dip.  While we ate, they had an incredibly talented musician singing acoustic classic rock.  We also need to talk about the Fat Elvis.  Creamy peanut butter with thick cut bacon, bananas foster, served on batter dipped Texas Toast.  Trust me on this one and try it.

You can click the “read more” below to see pictures from the actual biking and brunch event, or you can watch the little YouTube video I threw together.  I thought it could be a fun way to give you a first person perspective of some of the places I go.  Let me know what you think!

Again, special thanks to MaxEx PR, Norwalk Now, Pedego SoNO, Washington Prime, The Spread, and Peaches for such a fun event!

Washington Prime

141 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854

(203) 857-1314

The Spread

Located at 70 North Main Street

South Norwalk, CT.

Peaches Norwalk

7 Wall St

Norwalk, CT 06850


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