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Beers in Branford

This post is brought to you by my new iPhone as my beloved MacBook of 6 years may have burned my legs for the last time.  I moped for a while then realized I had a backlog of posts to get to. What else will my aunts read at work?

Two weeks ago PK and I planned on heading up to the Big E (a giant New England fair you thought only existed in your dreams) but the weather was meh and there was a political rally in the same town that day so we opted instead to head to a brewery. Surprise!

Right off of the I95 in Connecticut is Branford.  This beautiful coastal town is home to TWO breweries, which makes it even more beautiful.



Our first stop was Stony Creek Brewing. This place is awesome. Right on the water, with outdoor seating on warmer days (it was not warmer on this day) and even outdoor heaters for the adventurous.image

Overall a very gorgeous brewery. Great attention to details.





I wish PK looked at me the way he looked at his Crum apple beer…

After a terrible experience the first time we ever drank cider, PK and I swore never again. Even just a sip is too sweet for me.  So when it came time for the Crum, a beer brewed with apples and oatmeal, we were a little nervous.  HOWEVER. This beer was delicious. It was not overly sweet, and had just enough Apple and cinnamon flavor without being overwhelming.

image image image

That day the brewery was hosting an event on their second floor, which I would love to see one day.  It was fun watching people come down stairs in dresses and kids run down in their tuxes interacting with the people on the lower floor.image image

Before we left for our second brewery I posted a picture of the wood plank wall from Stony Creek, because if I didn’t post the picture how would anyone know I’d been there? While simultaneously posting I was also buying a Groupon for the next brewery, Thinble Island.

I’m not sure why I think I can multi task. I can’t. So I tagged the wrong brewery in the wrong picture and received a comment, “not us.”

I died.

PK made me feel better by saying, ” Wow, for someone who wants to blog about beer and how much they love the local scene you sure are making a great impression.”image

Turns out the people at Thimble Island not only have great beer but a great sense of humor as well.

They messaged me and made me feel a little less like a butthole.

Maybe one day we can laugh about it over a beer together *wink*.image image

Every beer here was on point. I’m not a porter/stout lover but I could see myself having more than one Coffee Stout in one sitting.

Then there’s the Ghost Island DIPA (double IPA for my wine drinkers).  One of the best beers I’ve had in awhile. We got a growler to go and I coveted that beer.  I told my brother is was kombucha so he wouldn’t touch it. Even my mom, who doesn’t like beer that’s not Heineken, asked for a full glass. I gave her a firm “no” and let her know where she could buy her own.

I’d also like to mention the bartenders were fantastic and really knew their stuff and the new facilities were clean and offered a nice sense of community.  We will definitely find our way back here.

Make sure before you visit a local brewery to check Groupon beforehand.  Thimble had a great deal for flights and a growler.image image

We ended the night at The Barley Vine in Bristol, which is one of our favorites.  I accidentally ate a pepper in my nachos and thought I would never breathe again.  Other than that it’s always a good time there.

Maybe the rest of Bristol can get its act together like Barley Vine. They are literally a gem amongst poop (except our library which kicks ass) and I’d like to thank them and Firefly Brewering for making an effort and making Bristol more bearable.image image image image image

So, we’re almost caught up now on my adventurous life.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about my unique pumpkin picking experience on Long Island.  Here’s a bit to intrigue you: the farm served beer. Also, we may have drunkenly plowed our way through a corn maze.

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