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Antiquing in Collinsville, CT

As I mentioned yesterday, I have some business news to share soon.  Part of my research is popping into antique stores.  Life is hard.


My adventure buddy Coors met me in downtown where we grabbed some lunch at the Crown and Hammer, located in the same parking lot as the antique factory.  Mac and cheese is my weakness, add perfectly seared salmon and you’ve won my heart.


It was so nice to have our food and beer by the crackling fire.  The dining room provided great views of downtown as well.  Mystic may be my favorite but Collinsville is a close second.



After lunch was finished we headed over.  Literally a 10 second walk.


The store is broken up into sections.  Individual dealers/sellers rent out space and stage them with their products.






This was my absolute favorite room and I want that mantle so badly.  I have nowhere to put it and no money to purchase it but my dream home would include it.


After we finished our walk through we headed out to walk the street of downtown.  If I had to move anywhere it would probably be here.  It seems like a close knit community and I love the endless amounts of walking trails that frame the Farmington River and lake where you can kayak.

The older I get the more I find myself looking for towns that offer the quaint community feel Collinsville provides.





Childhood Kate, even two years ago Kate, would never believe how much I love antique stores and walking through shops without buying anything.  I’m glad I’ve done so much growing up.  Anyone else spend their weekends looking at things they could never afford and dreaming of their adult-adult life?







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