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About Last Week

Not only was last week my birthday, but it was my mother’s as well.  We always try to do something together, the two of us, to celebrate.  This year I was invited to experience the newly updated Royale 6 in Norwalk, owned by Bow Tie Cinemas.  Fun fact, Bow Tie bought the movie theater chain I once worked at on Long Island were PK and I met.  Our theater wasn’t anything close to this one, however.

From the moment we walked in the door we were treated like royalty.  They showed us how you can order tickets, food, and drinks all from the comfort of the self service kiosk.  They’ll even deliver the food and drinks to you in your seat before the movie begins.  If you’re more old school, there’s still a guest services station and an awesome concession stand and killer bar.  We got to sample the different flavors of popcorn they serve (yes more than one-cheddar was my favorite) and we tried all of the house made drinks (my favorite was The Cooler- sweet tea vodka, lemonade, agave nectar, and lime.)

After all of our sampling we sat in the comfy seats we got to choose when picking up our tickets and leaned back while the kitchen blew our minds.  They brought us out personal pizza, eggplant Parmesan fries, homemade mac n’ cheese, and a giant pretzel.

When I stopped working at movie theaters I couldn’t even afford to see movies in theaters. Tickets and food were just way too expensive, but Bow Tie has made that experience so much more comfortable AND affordable. You can get a healthy risotto bowl for only $8, a grilled cheese for $6 or even chicken and waffles for $9!   Check out Bow Tie for yourself!

By the way, I let my mom choose the movie.  She wanted to see IT and the movie was great, even though I’m not a scary movie person.

Last week was pretty busy, but I loved it!  I was also invited to check out the new Frank Pepe’s in Waterbury.  As my friends and family know, I’m not really a pizza person.  Nothing against it, but when your father is a chef the last thing he wants to do is come home and cook.  Also, college.  Enough said.  I’ve been pizza’d out for awhile.  However, the pizza at Frank Pepe’s was so good, I’m back on that pizza train.  More specifically I’m on the clam pie pizza train.  Sea food is above all my favorite, so adding it to a pizza?  Pure genius.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Frank Bimonte, the owner and grandson of Frank Pepe, and loved hearing about his days learning the business and the MILLIONS of pizza’s he’s made himself.  The location was right off of the 84 in Waterbury and easy to access.  The facility was gorgeous, the first thing you see walking in the door is the beautiful brick fireplace.  The parking lot was filled with cars and trucks all rocking Frank Pepe bumper stickers. I can’t believe I’ve grown up in Connecticut and never had their pizza!  Next order on the agenda is to get PK, a New Yorker who swears by the city’s pizza, to try it.

Have you ever had Frank Pepe’s?  What your favorite pie?

Disclosure:  I was invited to Bow Tie Cinemas and Frank Pepe’s, but all opinions are my own.  If I don’t like something, I won’t post about it!  I love talking about all things Connecticut, if a business does not represent our great state well, they’ll never be mentioned here.

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