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A New Obsession

No it’s not mixing patterns. That’s always been an obsession of mine.

As I mentioned in a previous post I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  As things tend to go in life it got worse before it got better.  My rheumatologist landed on one medication she thought would be a good option before we tried some of the scarier drugs out there.  Unfortunately the trade off for my joint pain was a constant upset stomach.  No matter what I ate I felt sick constantly.  The medication took a month to taper on to and even once I was on the normal daily dose I never adjusted, waking up in the middle of the night throwing up and thinking, “I might just miss frozen shoulder.”

After some deliberating I decided to taper off of the medication in favor of a low dose anti inflammatory.  I also completely changed my diet and have been pescetarian (fish only) for three months.  At the same time I discovered a yoga studio had opened about five minutes away from me.

I’m really self conscience when it comes to exercise lately.  I’ve always been “full figured” but active.  However, in the past year I gained about 50 pounds because it became so painful to move.  When I first got to the studio I sat in the car texting PK.

“OMG. It’s exactly what I feared.  Everyone going in there has the toppest top knot and crazy pattern pants that look painted on.”

I made it inside and the second I walked in those girls I feared immediately smiled, welcomed me, and offered a hanger for my coat.  I am an asshole and I know it.


The studio has literally become a sanctuary.  When I first started even the easier poses like Child’s and Downward dog were difficult and hurt my shoulder and knees, but I stuck with it.  I stuck with my diet, cutting out processed foods and limiting caffeine and have consistently taken vitamins and supplements.

The change has been incredible.  My pain has been minimal and I’ve lost 18 pounds.  Whoo!  I never thought I’d say this but losing weight was honestly just a nice side effect.  The change it has created in my mental health and overall outlook on life is immeasurable.


I’m now that person, “Oh, you’re stressed?  Have you tried yoga?”

I say it with a top knot on.  I drank the juice (literally they have a healthy cafe with fresh cold pressed juices) and I’m not looking back.

Post Erica ass-kicking

Post Erica ass-kicking

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