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Deerfield, MA

Last weekend my mom and I went on an impromptu day trip to Deerfield, Massachusetts.  It was only an hour and fifteen minute drive from where we live in Connecticut.  The distance is a blessing and a curse because I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot more time (and money) in this part of New England.  We didn’t do too much research before heading off, Dunkin’ pumpkin iced coffees in hand, and stuck to three of the biggest attractions in the area: The Yankee Candle Village, The Montague Book Mill (separate post), and Historic Deerfield.

The Yankee Candle Village was so much more than I was expecting.  It was a gorgeous building that fit in perfectly with the colonial farmhouses of the area.  The main entrance leads you into the shop’s museum where you can see a brief history of candle making in colonial era New England and greeters review a map (map!) to lead you through all of the themed rooms.  The Bavarian Village was definitely one of the most popular rooms.  It snowed every four minutes, and the room would be flooded with kids trying to catch “snowflakes.”  Of course, I made it a priority to smell every autumn candle available, and I wasn’t disappointed.  There were so many new scents, but the clear winner was Moonbeams on Pumpkins.

Fifteen minutes away from The Yankee Candle Village was the town of Montague were we drove through and ate lunch at the local bookshop which I’ll cover in a separate post.  From there, we explored the village of Historic Deerfield.  On our next trip up we will definitely need to spend more time here.  You can choose to just stroll the street and explore the neighborhood like we did, but you can also buy admission which allows you entrance into the historic houses.

This area of Massachusetts was so beautiful during the summer that I can’t even imagine what it will look like with red and orange foliage.  We may need to turn the day trip into an overnight so we can add a few breweries, local shops, and the butterfly gardens!


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