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    Bikes & Brunch in Norwalk, CT

    A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a brunch hop, in Norwalk, by MaxEx PR and NorwalkNow.  I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve really been enjoying my recent Norwalk trips.  The area is developing so nicely and I just really like the community/culture emerging there.  The icing on top of the cake for this morning turned out to be bikes!

    Before the brunching began we were introduced to Jen and Mike Heslin who own Pedego SoNo, a bike shop where you can rent or buy your own electric Pedego.  The Pedego looks like a normal bike, but has a rechargeable battery under the seat and a small knob or screen on the handle that enables/disables the electric feature.  Mike fitted our crew for the perfect bikes and then took us on a short tour of the Norwalk shoreline.

    The electric bike was perfect on this warm October morning. We were able to scoot around without getting sweaty or ruining brunch hair!  These were true concerns, what can I say?  It was also exciting to hear about the efforts being taken to develop bike and walking trails in the area.  However, the existing trails provided us with a perfect hilltop view of the city and Long Island Sound.  I had so much fun, it’s definitely something I’d like to do again!  The bikes are all weather, but I am not.  So, hopefully, I can get another ride in before the bitter cold or snow.

    For brunch we started at Washington Prime in historic South Norwalk and a block away from Pedego.  The atmosphere here is so fun.  I felt like I was at an indoor garden tea party with the lush green walls and fun decor.  The breakfast burger and shrimp and grits were insanely delicious.  Their steak?  Perfectly pink in the middle and melts in your mouth.

    Our second stop was The Spread.  Perfect for a warmer day, they had huge garage doors that let in plenty of light and fresh air.  They also made the perfect Bellini.  Let’s be real, brunch isn’t brunch without a cocktail to sip on.  Their banana crepe was the perfect dessert for breakfast indulgence.  For classic brunch, you need to try their Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.  The Spread also has great wall features, perfect for Instagram backgrounds.

    The last stop was a short cab ride from downtown, Peaches Southern Pub & Juke Joint.  While I’m not too familiar with Southern fare, I can say now I’m a fan.  The sweet tea and peach cocktails paired perfectly with the Redneck PuPu platter that contained spicy andouille sausage and sweet corn dip.  While we ate, they had an incredibly talented musician singing acoustic classic rock.  We also need to talk about the Fat Elvis.  Creamy peanut butter with thick cut bacon, bananas foster, served on batter dipped Texas Toast.  Trust me on this one and try it.

    You can click the “read more” below to see pictures from the actual biking and brunch event, or you can watch the little YouTube video I threw together.  I thought it could be a fun way to give you a first person perspective of some of the places I go.  Let me know what you think!

    Again, special thanks to MaxEx PR, Norwalk Now, Pedego SoNO, Washington Prime, The Spread, and Peaches for such a fun event!

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    Rockport, MA


    The coastal village of Rockport, Massachusetts was settled back in 1623 when it was still part of its neighboring city, Gloucester.  In 1840 the residents of Rockport broke off to form their own town with their own unique identity.  During the Industrial Revolution they were suppliers of stone and granite and became a popular vacation destination. Rockport has also been a long time artist’s colony.  Today the rocky, New England beaches and downtown are still filled with tourists and there is no shortage of art galleries and studios.

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    Bow Tie Cinemas

    Movie theaters will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have a multitude of happy memories from growing up and seeing movies with family.  I also met my fiance, PK, while we both worked at the same theater.  Once we moved on to other careers and the option to see free movies stopped, unfortunately, so did our theater visits.  When you have to pay for rent and a car in Queens (not to mention you have a Target addiction) there isn’t much money left over.

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    Hogan’s Cidermill

    Hogan’s Cider Mill has existed in the same beautiful barn in Burlington since 1912.  I can’t believe I only discovered it in 2017, considering it’s only 15 minutes away from where I grew up.  After seeing someone else post a picture of it on Instagram I had to get there as soon as possible.  A gorgeous, historic cider mill practically in my back yard and I had no idea!

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    Hello, October!


    “Pale amber sunlight falls across
    The reddening October trees,
    That hardly sway before a breeze
    As soft as summer: summer’s loss
    Seems little, dear! on days like these.

    Let misty autumn be our part!
    The twilight of the year is sweet:
    Where shadow and the darkness meet
    Our love, a twilight of the heart
    Eludes a little time’s deceit.

    Are we not better and at home
    In dreamful Autumn, we who deem
    No harvest joy is worth a dream?
    A little while and night shall come,
    A little while, then, let us dream.

    Beyond the pearled horizons lie
    Winter and night: awaiting these
    We garner this poor hour of ease,
    Until love turn from us and die
    Beneath the drear November trees.”

    -Ernest Dowson


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    New York Renaissance Faire

    Whenever you decide to make something a yearly event, you try to improve upon your experience every time you go.  For example, last year was our first time at The New York Renaissance Faire and while we had a fantastic time, we made mental notes to dress more comfortably and perhaps go when it wasn’t 80 degrees.  This year I thought, “Perfect.  We’ll go for my birthday at the end of September.  It should be cooler, at least not 80.”  So, of course it wasn’t 80 degrees.  It was 90.

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    Marblehead, MA

    On Labor Day, my brother and I took a day trip to Marblehead, MA.  Located just five minutes away from downtown Salem, I’ve always had this on my list of places to visit.  The town is absolutely gorgeous, but I advise getting there much earlier than we did.  There was no parking lots I could find, but there is plenty of street parking, you just might be a few blocks away from actual downtown.  My other suggestion is map out bathrooms.  We spent the better part of an hour buying coffees and seltzers at various stores searching for bathrooms and could find none.  We finally found public restrooms at the historic Fort Sewall.

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    About Last Week

    Not only was last week my birthday, but it was my mother’s as well.  We always try to do something together, the two of us, to celebrate.  This year I was invited to experience the newly updated Royale 6 in Norwalk, owned by Bow Tie Cinemas.  Fun fact, Bow Tie bought the movie theater chain I once worked at on Long Island were PK and I met.  Our theater wasn’t anything close to this one, however.

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    Deerfield, MA

    Last weekend my mom and I went on an impromptu day trip to Deerfield, Massachusetts.  It was only an hour and fifteen minute drive from where we live in Connecticut.  The distance is a blessing and a curse because I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot more time (and money) in this part of New England.  We didn’t do too much research before heading off, Dunkin’ pumpkin iced coffees in hand, and stuck to three of the biggest attractions in the area: The Yankee Candle Village, The Montague Book Mill (separate post), and Historic Deerfield.

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    Mystic Knotwork 05.29.2017

    There is a magical little New England town I talk about all the time on this blog.  A town where colonial New England meets the modern day seamlessly.  Preppy clothing stores, homemade fudge shops, and reusable bag boutiques live alongside each other in renovated historic buildings.  Here you can grab a fresh coffee and explore a local bookshop or antique sellers.  There is a music store that consists solely of records.  As you cross the historic drawbridge in downtown with your fresh-churned ice cream and gaze upon ships docked in the colonial era seaport museum you realize there is nowhere on earth you’d rather be.  Well, at least that’s how I feel every time I’m in Mystic.

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    Chicago 05.06.17

    When asked how he wanted to celebrate the big 3-0 and his upcoming graduation from his MBA program PK made a simple request.  He just wanted to watch the Yankees play.  As it turned out, the Yankees would be on the road playing the World Series champion Cubs.  Luckily, for PK, I have some amazing family in Chicago.

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    Woodbury, CT 4.29.17

    The worst thing that can happen at the beginning of your vacation is discovering a store like, Soulbury.  My family knows me well enough that when they learn about fun, new shops they need to tell me right away.  This was one I couldn’t bear to sit on too long once my aunt sent me their Facebook page, especially with gorgeous warm weather last week.  My loyal adventure buddy, Coors was ready at a moments notice and we were on our way to Woodbury, Connecticut.

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    Spring in Salem

    I have been absolutely exhausted since Easter.  All I could do was envision my week long vacation and how I would do absolutely nothing but nap.  Aside from our Chicago trip at the end of my time off I tried to keep my schedule wide open.  Somehow, everyday began to fill with spontaneous day trips to some of my favorite places and I can’t really complain about that.  Vacation didn’t have as many naps as I was counting on, but I am feeling totally renewed and ready for warm weather and to plan more trips.

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    Spring Menu at Fresh Salt in Old Saybrook

    This weekend, the Saybrook Point Inn invited me to attend a dinner at their restaurant, Fresh Salt, showcasing their new Spring menu.  Not only did PK and I get to experience their amazing food, we were also graciously offered a room for the night.  Coming out of this long winter a weekend getaway on the Connecticut coast line in gorgeous Old Saybrook was just what we needed.  When we arrived and got settled, our room was so cozy and had such picturesque views of the marina that it was hard to tear ourselves away.

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    Christmas in Mystic

    Almost every month I’ve found myself in Mystic recently and I’m not complaining.  The holiday season makes this little town that much more magical.  Coors and I met up for a stroll through the village for some last minute gifts then grabbed dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Daniel Packer Inne.  I can’t believe that we are only a few days away from Christmas.  I’m not anywhere near finished with shopping and I have a whole lot of baking and travel ahead of me in the next few days.  While I love the holidays it always feels like a rush and that I never get to enjoy all the fun things going on.  Getting a chance to stroll through the village and hang out with a good friend was a nice break.

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    Bachelorette in Waterford Part Two

    When we were trying to find a house for this weekend the girls maid-of-honor truly lucked out.  After being turned down several times by what we thought would be the perfect location, we would be turned down because the houses would require a full week rental during the summer.  Somehow we ended up running across the Historic Granite House in Waterford and our prayers were answered. Continue reading

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    Old Wethersfield

    It’s been almost a year since I was last in Old Wethersfield, I can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by!  Since the last time I was here, there has been an awesome addition to the beautiful and quaint Main Street.  The Old Comstock, Ferre & Co building seemed to draw me in, and for good reason.

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